Wednesday, September 30, 2009


1. All calculations involving decimals must have an accuracy of at least 4 significant figures and the final answer must be rounded off to at least 4 significant figures.

2. An exception to the 4 significant figures rule mentioned above is the calculation of the values to be used in the plotting of graphs. In this case, the values should be rounded off correct to 2 decimal places (2 "varying" figures).

2. DO NOT use o = . ALWAYS use o = 3.142.

3. DO NOT use correction fluid or correction tape. Just a simple cancellation will do.

4. Make full use of the List of Formulae given in the question paper.

5. ALWAYS double check your transfer of the final answer to the answer space provided.

6. All answers involving fractions must be in the lowest form.

7. For the sketch of trigonometric functions, give ONLY the final sketch.

8. For all straight line graphs especially those in the "Linear Law", the line of best fit must be drawn using a long ruler.

9. In finding the roots of quadratic equations. It is best for the weaker students to immediately use the quadratic formula and give the answer correct to 4 significant figures.
Note: Scientific calculator can be used to get the answer but the quadratic formula must be written and
correctly substituted.

10. Questions that requires the candidate to STATE a value, no working is needed, just give the answer.

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